Friday, August 30, 2013

Hand sewing in Tampa

I spent this entire week in Tampa for work. It was a long week that felt even longer because I had to fly down on Sunday. Flying for work on the weekends always seems to make the week seem so much longer!

I decided to bring along my little Art quilt from the Jane LaFazio class I took last week at Create Chicago. I was at a place in the project that required a lot of hand sewing, the joining of all the smaller quilt blocks. I suppose this could be done by machine and I have plenty of other ideas I would incorporate. However, I just felt that for this project I should follow Janes suggestions/directions to get a full feel of what she was teaching.

So, I brought my pieces, some pins, some hand needles and a spool of variegated cotton quilting thread with me to work on in the evenings after dinner. It turns out that this is a perfect little hand project to bring along with me, I worked each evening on sewing the pieces together and by last night I had the entire top pieced together. YAY! It was so nice to have a great little project to take my mind off the stress of work and being away from home.

The trip was not a bad one by any means! We were a small group of 5 and we are all friends so it made things easy. We even celebrated one friends birthday! We stayed at the Marriott Waterside in Downtown Tampa, it was in a great location for getting out and getting some outdoor exercise and seeing some of the sites. There is a great RiverWalk and a very nice Bayshore Trail that is very conducive to outdoor exercise. Many people were out running, walking, biking, rollerblading and enjoying the sun. I went out a couple of times for nice long afternoon walks. One afternoon I walked a good 5 miles and enjoyed watching the row team practice and the pelicans diving for fish. There were also tons of great restaurants in the area, yummmm.

Do other people bring sewing projects along on work trips? I know I have brought patterns to be cut out or traced, hand sewing and now even some quilting.

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