Monday, October 25, 2010

Quilting Progress

I finally made some time for my sewing room this weekend. I needed it!! It was either get some 'me' time or go insane. I rather thought that the 'me' time was a better choice.

I am still working on the quilting part of my project and rather think that it may take me quite a few more sessions. I am having fun with it, not rushing and doing more detailed work than I have generally done before. I am finding this very rewarding on one level yet another part of me keeps thinking that I should be doing more and getting other stuff done. Must be this crazy American female mentality to be a super woman and do everything!  I man surely I could be making awesome Christmas gifts for my entire family... guess they are just going to have to wait.

Work has been busy, busy, busy and I am doing my very best not to complain one bit about it. I am very grateful to be employed and not one of the 10.5% out of work.

That is all I have to update. I am off to San Diego for work this Wednesday and will be there for 8 days. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

I miss my sewing room

So many ideas, so many fabrics and so little time!

Much of my time lately has been taken up by my return to work and my rehabilitation efforts. Unfortunately my sewing room has sadly been unoccupied.

On the good news front, my leg is getting better. I have to have another surgery done on it over the winter but I was assured that it will be nothing compared to what I went through before.

I am back to travel for work and that has simple been exhausting for the first several weeks. I literally felt like all I could do was work, sleep and try to fit in my rehab exercises and a couple quick barn trips. Slowly but surely that too is getting better as my stamina increases.

I am continually amazed as to how much my entire life was affected by breaking a leg! ugh...

As life gets back to normal things will surely settle back into a routine and I will get my time back for the sewing room.