Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pants are done, cleaning out the fabric closet and planning a new project

The pants are finished :) and I am quit happy with them. I went with 2 buttons for the closure. one on the inside and on on the tab, keeps them in place nicely. I added twill tape to the bottom before hemming and this time I used the blind hem foot for a change. I normally do all my hemming by hand but felt like this pair of pants could be done by machine.

I took some time today to clean out the fabric closet. It was beginning to look a bit like a disaster and I kept coming up with pieces of fabric that are to small for any projects and it was beginning to annoy the heck out of me. I used to save all my fabric remnants from a project if I had at least a half yard, When my daughter was little I could easily make her outfits from those leftover pieces. Now that she is a grown young woman of 21 those remnants don't work anymore. I t was time to clean them out! 2 bags of fabric pieces later and a cleaned out and reorganized closet later I was feeling good with the accomplishment. And re-organizing the fabric was a great way to get the ideas flowing in my mind.

Next project.... I want to work on a holiday outfit to wear to my husbands work party, not 100% sure what I want to make yet. I have the fabric picked out so that is half the battle. In the mean time I am going to work on some more knit tops. I have noticed that I have lots of work dress shirts and then t-shirts and am lacking a bit in the day to day wardrobe. So that's the plan.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So close to being done!

The pants are soooo close to being done! and I have to get ready to leave for a trip to Philadelphia... the taxi will be here in 2 hours and I have not packed nor showered or anything... so sadly I must put the pants down and finish them over the weekend and I will do a better 'review' when they are finished.
I have to hem the fashion fabric, tack in the lining over the zipper and add either 2 buttons or hooks and eyes.
I attempted to take some pictures, hehe... I look quite goofy, forced and posed. I set the camera up on a tripod and hit the self timer button. I suppose that it is better than nothing. The pictures with the flash make the fabric look a little funny, but too dark to do without the flash as you can see.

Lining Fabric, so soft... these will be a great pair of winter pants.

Nice butt picture!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pants Progress 2

Can you say slow......
Well between my work schedule, busted hot water heater and being sick for an entire week these pants are taking forever to get done!
Yesterday afternoon I did have a couple hours to get in the sewing room and work on the hard parts... The pockets, yoke and putting in the fly front zipper. I quit after the zipper went in, my sinuses were hurting and I just was not feeling up to it.
Hopefully this evening I will get some more done!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A great friday afternoon

I spent a wonderful Friday afternoon with my girlfriend going to the Chicago: Sewing and Quilt Expo. It was doubly nice because 1. I have had a super shitty week (sick, sick, sick and then exploding hot water heater, ugh) and 2. I have always gone to this Expo solo. It was really nice to have a friend to go with.

She is a newbie in the quilting world and really just enjoyed looking at everything and of course making some purchases. We did not take any classes or seminars, just did the expo floor and perused the quilt and clothing displays. Always makes for some great inspiration.

I, of course, bought some fabric and a pattern and a single sewing notion (knit bias tape). Did I need a pattern or any fabric, nope. But after my said week, I felt I was deserving of it.

Knit fashion fabric from SewkeysE
I have a couple patterns from her and have bought fabric from her in the past and it has always been very nice quality.
Fabric number 1: silky rib fabric(2yds @ 60") that I could see made into a tunic style shirt.

Fabric number 2: a beautiful fabric with a gorgeous hand, 50%silk, 45% cotton and 5% spandex,
fell in love! I bought 3 yards @ 45"
I will be inspired!

And last but not least... I had to get into the Amy Butler craze! I could no longer resist :)
I bought the new Sweet Harmony bag pattern and 4 yards of Amy Butler fabric.
hmmmm.... maybe some Christmas gifts...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Halloween Party

My 50's girl Halloween costume was great! It was fun to wear and looked good too.

We all had a great time at the Halloween Benefit Bash. There was about 1700 people and it was held in the great hall of Union Station in Chicago.