Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Quilt Shop

So bummed! One of my favorite destination quilt shops is in Historic Lewes, Delaware. It is close to my Mom and Dad's home in Delaware, it's super cute, has nice people and I absolutely love all the variety of 'ocean' themed fabric. Living in the Midwest we really don't get that variety of sea shore themes. PLUS... No taxes....

Being here this week between Christmas and New Years I headed over to Mare's Bears Quilt Shop to pursue the goods and see if there was anything that had to come home with me to Chicagoland.

We pulled up and.... CLOSED. Not just for the day but for THE ENTIRE WEEK that I am here. Such a total bummer. I stared longingly through the window and turned away with a pouty lower lip.

I am determined! tomorrow we head to Dagsboro, DE to check out a brand new to me quilt shop plus several antique shops. keeping my fingers crossed to find another gem of a quilt shop with lots of ocean themed fabrics to play with.

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Location:Lewis, DE

Friday, December 23, 2011

Reusable shopping totes for Christmas gifts

This year I made several reusable shopping totes for Christmas. I figured since 'green ' is the way to go and I had tons of the extra durable thick ripstop fabric leftover from old saddle bag projects. I would use it to make some gifts. This way not only do the recipients get the gifts inside they also get a super nice bag to go with it.

These were inspired by a project in the book One Yard Wonders. I did make some changes for durability and long term use, specifically in regards to the handles. I made 6 bags. Each is constructed like an old fashioned grocery bag. They are lined and I added labels inside.

Happy Holidays!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My brand new Babylock Evolution Serger

To excited not to share!!!

My Christmas/ Birthday gift to myself was a new serger.

I am in need of it. My good old 18 year old MyLock 634D has just hit a wall. I never knew if she was going to run correctly or give me a giant headache. It was getting to the point where I was afraid to use her for fear that she would eat my fabric and make a mess. The timing goes wonky after only and hour or two of use, I can only use the three thread mode or rolled hem.

Well, no more worry for me!

I have been doing my homework and did several test drives. I figured my last serger lasted 18 years because I chose top of the line. Well, that was my plan again. I tested out the Huskylock s25 and looked at the top of the line Pfaff but in the end the Babylock won hands down. My old serger is traded in and I am ready to create!

I wish I could just set it up right now and play all day! But, I can't. I am in the middle of getting ready to leave for the holidays as well as in the middle of moving my sewing room to a larger space. So my beautiful new machine will safely sit in her box all protected by her styrofoam until January.

In the mean time I'm sure to be daydreaming of all the cool things she has to offer.

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My last project of 2011

Here are some pics of a lap quilt and matching 18" doll quilt that I made for my friends daughter for Christmas. This lucky little girl is getting a slew of American Girl dolls and accessories for Christmas and I thought every little girl needs a special blanket to play on with a matching one for her favorite doll.

I really had no plan in place when I bought the fabric. I just purchased 8 fat quarters in fun fabrics and some yardage of matching colors. I ended up going with half square triangles with blues and greens as the solids. I played with different layouts and finally settled on this one. I used leftover squares to piece a strip down the back. A little extra fun.

It was a fun project to make!

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