Thursday, January 27, 2011

A new project and Bias tape maker in use

I had forgotten that when I was in the time crunch to get my last project done that i had taken pictures of my bias tape maker in progress. I love this little machine! (Simplicity Bias Tape Maker) I was literally able to get all the custom bias tape cut out, sewn in strips and pressed in just about 15 minutes. Since I was literally making the bias tape just an hour prior to leaving for the airport it was a huge time saver!

I am now onto a new project... A birthday gift for my daughter, It is the tote size Sweet Harmony bag form Amy Butler. I also plan on making some goodies to go inside it.
I have one month until her birthday, which normally would give me plenty of time to get things done. However, early tomorrow morning I am heading over to the hospital to another surgery done on my knee so who knows what condition I will be in over the next several weeks.

If any of you have made Amy Butler bags you know that there are a ton of pieces to cut out as well as a ton of iron on interfacing and fleece to apply before even getting to the sewing portion. My plan: have all the pieces cut out prior to surgery and then hopefully some time next week get into the sewing room to do all the applying of the iron on interfacing, etc... I have my ironing board all set up at a sitting height so everything will be ready for me to work on.

Project all cut out and ready for me to work on

Parting shot: This was my sewing room just a few weeks ago at the turn of the New Year!! What a disaster with literally no floor space to move and stuff piled everywhere and in bags, bins, cardboard boxes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My first completed project of 2011!

I had to work quite hard on this quilt to get it finished for my Dad's birthday! Sorry for not blogging on the progress of it but I wanted it to be a surprise. Plus I was way to busy to blog on it while I was trying to get the darn thing finished before surprising my dad.

The title of the quilt is Delaware: Sunlight through the trees.

I was inspired to make this quilt from spending time in the chaise lounge on my parents deck at the house in Delaware. It was while I was recovering from my freshly broken leg and was spending 90% of my time laying down. The design is my own.

My work on cleaning the sewing room continues... I may be giving e-bay a try!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010... Hello 2011!

I am so happy that 2011 is here! The past year was not the best for me. The broken leg and months of rehab and then super crazy work schedule, Melissa moving back home all contributed to my sewing room door staying closed.

Stuff just got piled up and my precious sewing room became more of a catchall room. 

I decided not to do any New Years Resolutions this year, my sewing goals remain the same... Just sew! 
A couple days before New Years I peeked my head in the room and wanted to just cry. It was such a mess. So I just spent the past couple of days going through everything. I ended up with 4 bags of garbage, 1 big bag for donation and a large pile of stuff to try selling on E-bay.

Flying geese for my nephew in 1998.

A quilt for my niece made in 1999.

While going through the tons of pictures, I came across a couple photos of Quilts that I made in years past. It was a nice reminder of the great things that come out of the sewing room and gave me renewed inspiration.