Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday morning on my worktable

A busy worktable!
A skirt ready to be hemmed by hand... Needles, thread, beeswax and skirt hooks. 
A pattern ready to be altered and fabric cutout.

This busy table makes me happy!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Simplicity 1463 a new summer top

Last week I finally got some pictures of myself in my new summer top Simplicity 1463.
These pics are not the best.... I'm trying out my new tripod and clicker so I can take self pictures. Of course this was the first warming day but the sun was in such a bad position and the yard was soooo full of mud and ice AND setting myself up was just a bit awkward!! LOL!! 

They will have to do and I will need to work on my self photo skills ;)

The fabric is a lightweight cotton blend open weave knit from a JoAnn's super sale. The colors in this are a perfect match for my new pair of purple capris! Yay for coordinating separates!! 

This shirt is definitely a very lightweight summer top and will be perfect for my upcoming girls trip to Puerto Rico. I particularly took my time deciding on the color placement of the stripes and think the yellow/green across my upper chest draws the eye up and looks pleasing to me. I also tried to match the stripes of the sleeve bands to the color in the main body. I came as close as I could with the fabric yardage I had.  
The sun was VERY bright in these photos and the colors look a bit washed out.

The pattern: simplicity 1463. I initially purchased this pattern for the view with the lace back yoke and sleeves. But I had no combinations of fabrics that would quite work for what I wanted. And since I'm on a fabric fast (mostly) I was not purchasing any! I decided instead to make the view on the left. I must say that the sleeves are made for arms that are MUCH skinnier than mine and the 'bat wing' is not nearly as pronounced as on the model pictured on the pattern front. Luckily this knit is quite stretchy and it doesn't bother me to have the sleeves tighter. Next time I will give myself a little more room in the sleeve band and the bottom of the sleeve.
For the neckline I used a bias strip of soft white cotton knit and then cover stitched the neckline and the hem. A quick and easy project.

I used fusible knit interfacing strips on all of the seams for stabilization. I love how this top turned out. It makes me happy to wear!

My grand baby princess is now 9 months and is getting up on all fours and is ready to take off! Time sure does fly by :) 

Happy Spring and Happy Sewing!

Monday, March 30, 2015

March MAGAM project: Butterick 6101

For my March MAGAM (Make A Garment A Month) project I decided to step into Spring with a new to me pattern. I wanted a transitional top that could be warm enough to wear under a light jacket and to be comfortable during damp and chilly spring days.

This garment fits the bill! It is also something out of my normal box and got my creative spring juices flowing. I have worn this twice since making it and it is very comfy and has fun pockets and great draping.

Butterick 6101 by Katherine Tilton

I was honestly very worried about this looking a bit like a potato sack... Due to the very nature of the garment and the nature of my bigger hips and butt I knew that the chest and arm portions would need to be more fitted. I did ALOT of flat pattern measurements and actually went down 2 sizes from the pattern recommendations for my measurements. This pattern has tons of design ease that would have just overwhelmed me and looked like a potato sack! 

The pattern recommends either a soft woven or a stable knit. I was going more for a big sweatshirty type of feel without the bulk so I used a maroon ponte knit from Fabric Mart and the print knit was leftover pieces from a light sweater knit from JoAnn's that I used for a dress a couple years ago. YAY!!! Finally used up some of those darn scraps I seem to hold onto forever!
I did not have enough of the patterned knit left to cut an entire sleeve so I had to be creative and piece a sleeve together. Hence the 2 inch strip down the center of that sleeve. 
I also changed up the collar a little bit. In my knit the wider collar band just looked funny so a made a narrower band for the neckline.

I really like this top! It's a bit quirky and different. I have some nice flowy rayon lengths in my fabric stash and may make the sleeveless version for the summer.

There are a couple fit issues that I may or may not try to figure out and do a second version of this knit top. It looks like there needs to be a bust dart or something. If you look right above the boob there is a triangle of extra fabric that folds out. It either needs a dart OR It may just be bunching because I need a little extra room over my bust to let the fabric fall better. 
The back armhole area also has some bunching... I will have to look in my fitting books to see if I can figure out why.
I also think that the sleeves could be taken in a smidge to have a closer fit, as you can see I made them into 3/4 length because at this time of the year I find myself pushing them up all the time anyway. 

This top goes well with skinny jeans or black leggings would be never better. 

All in all I think this March project was a hit! 

Happy Sewing :)