Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Purse Details: A cool Bucket Bag

Fabric 'sandwich' consisting of woven brown fabric with an iron on interfacing, a light batting, and a muslin backing. And various ribbons stitched across the fabric. The lining is a peach satin from one of my grandmothers stashes.

Close up of the ribbon detail

Fabric 'sandwich' all trimmed and squared up

Purse sewn together

inside of the bucket bag

Attachments for ring tabs for the handle

Snap tabs (next time I will add an additional snap for further adjustability)

Snap detail

View with the lining in

Zipper pocket detail

The final product, with a chain handle.
A very fun project!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been so very busy!

I know I have not posted in a while! Not because I have not been working on stuff in my sewing room, because I have been!! Well, I have been but just not as quickly as usual. I had some 'stuff' crop up in my life that needed tending. We all know how that goes!
Life has settled back down, somewhat, and I have been able to get back into my sewing room for longer than 10 minutes here and there! YAY!
I have finished several projects over the past couple of weeks:
A pair of knit pants and short sleeved shirt in brown
A cardigan in light teal with the band and tie in the dark teal
A purse to tie all the pieces together...
(I think 7 or 8 in all. I promise to take pics of me modeling all the pieces of the wardrobe sometime this week or next weekend.)
And a polo shirt re-make
Brown knit shirt, pants and cardigan
With the cardigan tied

And with the purse.

The Polo shirt re-make

Before (see the big smudge stain...)

The after...
Hard to see in the pics. I removed the entire shirt from 2 inches below the armholes and then cut out the stain a removed about 9 inches from the circumference and 2 from the length plus made the armholes a little smaller and then re-sewed it back together.

Enjoy the pictures!