Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pants are done, cleaning out the fabric closet and planning a new project

The pants are finished :) and I am quit happy with them. I went with 2 buttons for the closure. one on the inside and on on the tab, keeps them in place nicely. I added twill tape to the bottom before hemming and this time I used the blind hem foot for a change. I normally do all my hemming by hand but felt like this pair of pants could be done by machine.

I took some time today to clean out the fabric closet. It was beginning to look a bit like a disaster and I kept coming up with pieces of fabric that are to small for any projects and it was beginning to annoy the heck out of me. I used to save all my fabric remnants from a project if I had at least a half yard, When my daughter was little I could easily make her outfits from those leftover pieces. Now that she is a grown young woman of 21 those remnants don't work anymore. I t was time to clean them out! 2 bags of fabric pieces later and a cleaned out and reorganized closet later I was feeling good with the accomplishment. And re-organizing the fabric was a great way to get the ideas flowing in my mind.

Next project.... I want to work on a holiday outfit to wear to my husbands work party, not 100% sure what I want to make yet. I have the fabric picked out so that is half the battle. In the mean time I am going to work on some more knit tops. I have noticed that I have lots of work dress shirts and then t-shirts and am lacking a bit in the day to day wardrobe. So that's the plan.

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