Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Veil... The part I made!

I finally have enough pictures to show off the veil. I originally really wanted to make my daughters wedding dress. However, when we went to try on dresses to get an idea of styles and fit she fell in love with her dress. (In retrospect, it was probably a good thing and a lot less stress!)

The veil: self drafted using info from googling veil lengths and looking at a variety of styles on the web and trying on different lengths of tulle on my daughters head. We had some fun with this!

In the end we decided on a double fingertip length veil with the bottom layer being simple and the upper layer embellished. And then a separate blusher veil on its own small comb.

I started with a length of tulle that was double the length I needed. I folded this in half lengthwise so that the fold would be the part that was gathered up and attached to the comb. I then folded the entire thing in half crosswise and rounded the corners using a large dinner plate as my guide.

Next step was to use my serger to roll the edge of the entire length using rayon embroidery thread in the loopers for a nice shine. I also serged over a strip of water soluble stabilizer so that I did not have to fight with the tulle going through the serger. I played with the differential feed to get a nice wave to the stitch.

For the comb I started with a piece of rose ribbon from JoAnns and gathered it together and hand sewed on pearls and swavorski crystals to make it fancy. I gathered the veil along the fold to the length of the comb and hand sewed the veil to the comb. After that I hand sewed the embellished ribbon to the comb. I did NOT use any glue anywhere in this veil.

That was the easy part! Next up was embellishing the outer layer of the veil. After some trying on and pinning we decided to use a small rose trim and have it come to just below the chin. With it all the way to the comb she looked a bit like a nun.... I picked up this trim at a trim shop in Boston while there for work last fall. I hand sewed the trim to the out layer of the veil and then I spent a GAZZILION hours sewing on pearls and swavorski crystals onto the center of every single rose. In the end it turned out beautiful and I hand sewed on a little over 200 pearls and crystals!!

She wore the veil for the wedding ceremony in Idaho and then again for the Chicago reception. She decided that since she was not wearing her wedding dress to the Chicago reception that she would wear her veil so she would stand out as the bride! It looked beautiful with the Red dress I made for her.

All in all the veil was not hard to make just time consuming to make it beautiful. I'm glad she loved it!

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