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Wedding trip: Part 2: Pre-Wedding FUN at the Ranch

I hope you can all put up with me for several more wedding posts! I just have to share and then I will get back to my normal crazy life and fun sewing and crafting projects. In fact August has some fun things going on for me on the crafty side of things.

In the mean time, let me tell you more about our time at Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch in Stanley, Idaho.

My husband and I rented out the entire ranch for an 'exclusive occupancy' weekend. Meaning that from Friday at 3 pm until checkout on Sunday the only guests on the ranch property were ones that were invited to the wedding! It was amazing to have the place all to ourselves and to be surrounded by our loved ones and our best friends. There were a total of 43 or 44 people in attendance and all they needed to do was to show up on Friday. I feel blessed that my husband and I were able to give this gift to not only our daughter and son in law but also to the family. We wanted everyone together, having fun, celebrating love, marriage, life and family without the stress of expenses.

It turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined!

On check in each guest was given their cabin key and a small packet of papers that had ranch info as well as the wedding weekend itinerary. In every guests room was a welcome gift bag that was handmade and thoughtfully put together. I promise to blog about these soon!

Early Friday evening the participants in the ceremony gathered on the lawn to chat and rehearse. My younger brother had gotten a license so he could perform the wedding. What a treat!! Above all else my daughter cherishes family and it was so nice to have her Uncle marry her in such a wonderful setting.

me, in my very colorful dress! I had planned on making a dress for rehearsal dinner but turns out I purchased one, ended up being less stressful in the end

After rehearsal we had appetizers in the lodge and my hubby unsuccessfully delivered a welcome speech to everyone and well wishes to the soon to be bride and groom. I say unsuccessfully because he was overcome by emotion and unable to finish what he planned to say, it was very touching!

My Husband with the soon to be bride and groom :)

After a wonderful dinner outside of the most delicious barbecue ever we had a special toast and gift for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Melissa said some very lovely things and my sister presented them with a photo book that the 4 of us kids and 3 grand kids, along with our significant others helped to put together. Actually, my sister did all the hard work of sorting through hundreds of pictures that we all submitted to her! Included was also a little blurb that each of us kids had written about what family meant to us. A very lovely gift indeed! We each had a copy printed and it was fun to have everyone looking through the books and reminiscing, enjoying the mountain breeze, the beautiful sunset behind the Sawtooth Mountain range and some great wines and beer.

The night ended with almost all of us heading down to the hot springs pool on the lower ranch for an evening of fun! The temperatures get cold quite quickly as the sun goes down in the mountains and the hot spring water was lovely and quite fun with everyone splashing about having fun, a perfect evening enjoyed by everyone before the big day!

Girls just want to have FUN!!

My siblings and I being silly in the hot springs pool

Saturday morning dawned beautiful with a clear view of the mountains and a chilly 40 degrees. That crisp mountain air makes you feel so alive! After a yummy breakfast everyone had a little free time. I squeezed in a nice 4 mile hike with my sister before 9am, my daughter and her bridesmaids went on a different hike, my hubby headed out on mountain bikes with a friend and people were generally enjoying exploring the area.

The bride out for an early morning hike with her girls on the wedding day!

My sister and I hiked up to The Grove of the Ancients, a grove of ancient fir trees, so breathtaking.

Horseshoe fun on the lawn

Hikers and Bikers all enjoying the mountain air

Best Friends, the groom and his best man

All great ways to relax and enjoy the outdoors before the wedding festivities in the afternoon!

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Location:Stanley, Idaho

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