Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gift Bags for the wedding guests

Finally a sewing post :) thanks for putting up with all m wedding posts! I only have a couple left from our adventures in Idaho.

As part of making the wedding very personalized and special for our guests we decided that we wanted to include a gift bag/basket/box in each room.

We decided to go with Bags so over the 2012 Christmas holidays I spent quite a bit of time cutting and sewing bags. After consultation with the bride to be we decided to go with 3 sizes. A small bag for single guests, medium bags for couples and large bags for families. I made 10 small, 11 medium and 4 large.

The cool thing about the bags is that no 2 are the same! The outside were either Town Name Canvas or Red &White Polka Dot canvas. The linings were from a variety of travel theme and color (red and white) theme. There is also a tag inside each bag with the bride and grooms name.... A small way to remind the guests of the great time they were going to have at the wedding!

The outer fabric is canvas, the inner fabric is quilting weight cotton with fusible medium to heavy weight interfacing. The handles were all made on my serger using a 1 1/4 in belt loop maker and a triple cover stitch. (A HUGE timesaver!) for the sake of ease,time and materials, I did not add any pockets or closures.

The bags were full of goodies. A bottle of water for everyone, bug shield wipes, a small flashlight, tissues in custom covers, a Chapstick and small bottle of lotion that were personalized for the wedding. There was also a deck of cards, cigars for the guys, fuzzy socks for the gals and a box with supplies to make s'mores :) each room had a fireplace in it and the s'mores were a great fun addition. The boxes that the s'mores were in were customized with stamps that went along with the vintage travel theme and that were also used in the wedding invitations.

Each bag had a custom made tag on it. My hubby and I made these with stamps, ink and some embossing. The names and cabin number were written on each tag and the bags were placed in the cabins prior to guest check in. A very nice touch.

Also in the bags were the extra little gifts for the members of the bridal party. A flask, a bottle of vodka and cuff links for the guys. Flip flops, jewelry roll and jewelry for the girls.

These bags were absolutely a work of love and everyone was very appreciative for the small gift which made me happy! You know how it is when you work on a big project.... You just want it to turn out well and be worth all the work!

The best part is that I saw some people using the bags as little totes and I know my sister-in-law has made her small bag into a makeup bag to sit on her dresser. YAY!!

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