Friday, August 9, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that! The week in review

This week has been a good one. I worked from home all week, it was my 19th anniversary, my daughter and son-in- law have moved into their own place, we did a little antiquing, I had time to play in my sewing studio and tomorrow we have a great big 'ole party to attend. The Chicago reception for the newlyweds.

Over the past weekend while antiquing I made a couple of small but lovely purchases :) a lovely little butterfly pin, a baggy full of assorted green beads and a 56" length of crocheted red bearded trim!!! I LOVE the trim!!

My daughter purchased this re-finished kitchen cupboard for her apartment kitchen. What a great find (I must admit that i saw it first...) and her first piece of antique furniture.

I am working on a new project with my embroidery machine. This is a total experiment for me.... It is quilting as you go on the embroidery machine. I figured I would try it out and make a play mat/play quilt for my niece that is due later this fall.

My embroidery machine hard at work!

I have also worked on the dress for my daughter for this weekend. Here is a sneak peak without the hem done, the beads sewn on the white strap and before a good steaming. I am very happy with the dress overall. The only thing that I think I needed to adjust in the fitting was to make a sway back adjustment of some type. There is some pooling of fabric just at that area that you can see from the back view. The upper back, lower back and hips area fit great! It's just in that middle area that slightly bugs me. However, we are our own worst critics! In all fairness I do try and learn something from every project.

We also welcomed a newcomer to our extended family (our family of friends, which is all we have here in Illinois!)

Meet Sophia Madison! What a beautiful little girl :)

My hubby holding the newborn, I can't wait until we are grandparents!

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