Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CREATE Chicago Day 1

Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!! I had sooooooo much FUN!!!!!

I took 2 classes today. I can't wait to see what kind of fun I have tomorrow.

The first was Free Motion Painted Tapestry a 7 hour class (I say 7 because we had the option to work through lunch if we wanted:) this was taught by Joanne Sharp and was a super fun class! I definitely went outside my box in this class and had fun with painting and sewing. Plus side, we had a great group of ladies.

The first set of mini quilts were painted first with silks acrylic paints and free motion stitched second. I only got a couple of these stitched up but I am quite comfortable with the sewing part of things at home!

The second set were free motion stitched first and then painted with Jaquard dyno flo dye second. These were very interesting because the threads took the color of the dye and looked quite cool from the reverse side.

I definitely concentrated more of my time on the painting portion. This is something I really just don't do. I had so much fun with it and just let loose and did what came to me.

The second was Ready, Set, Resinate! A 3 hour evening class that my husband and I took together. A super fun date night :)
This class was taught by Jen Cushman and she was an excellent teacher. Very vibrant and easy going and all about making art, there was no wrong way.

The first step was to collage in the bezels with little papers, pictures, beads, stuff, etc...

The second step was to actually fill the bezels with ICE Resin. This step was pretty cool, some of the 'stuff' in the bezels changed appearances when the resin was poured in. Some papers turned transparent, some of the beads looked different. I can't wait to see them when they are all dry.

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