Thursday, August 22, 2013

CREATE Chicago Day 2

The fun continued today! This mixed media retreat has been very liberating for me. It has been more than I have expected!

Today's class was another 6-7 hour class called Free Motion: Free Spirit by Jane LaFazio. It was slightly similar to my class yesterday in that we used the sewing machines for free motion sewing. Other than that it was COMPLETELY different. For one thing, no paint today.

Examples of one of Jane's mini quilts

The class format was for Jane to show a technique and then give us time to play with it on mini- quilt sandwiches of various sizes and at the end the idea is to put it all together and add additional embellishment such as colored pencil, paints, hand stitching, etc...

my workspace and my work in progress half way through the class

Several things we played with was stitching on paper, stitching from a picture on the reverse side of the fabric (like tracing with thread), using organza, tulle, cheesecloth, lace, vintage doilies, etc...

Examples of my work and me playing with composition, these were taken with the iPad and the colors really look kind of funky!!

To finish the project I need to square up my pieces and then play a little game of eye pleasing Tetris and make it all work. Then add hand work and then put it all together!

It was nice to work in a medium that I am comfortable in and really push the boundaries outside of my box. I loved the effect!

This last picture I just HAD to share!!! We just got this back from the photographer.... LOOK there are dinosaurs still inhabiting Idaho!! (And yes, that is me in the blue dress running with my champagne!)

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