Sunday, August 25, 2013

CREATE Chicago Day 3

On Friday I attended another all day workshop at Create Chicago. Still going to say it.... SO MUCH FUN!!!

I wish I would have been able to attend workshops all weekend but alas I was unable. Probably a good thing because I was starting to feel mental overload and was quite tired Friday night.

This workshop was a non-sewing workshop called House Full of Grace taught by Kristen Robinson and was full of techniques that were used to alter 3 little wooden houses. Some techniques that were new to me was using silicone putty to create molds that we then used to cast clay and resin with. We also poured some resin bezels and played with hot beeswax, this was on top of the normal paper, painting, collating stuff. This class format was also one of independent work interspersed with demonstrations of techniques. I really enjoy that more informal format.

photos of Kristen's demonstrations.

It was interesting to see how everyone's in the class was so completely different. I did a trio of houses that were liked themed but some did very different houses and very different palettes of colors than I would ever use! That's the fun thing about making art you can do what you want :)

above are some of my FAVORITE vintage buttons being molded and below you can see my very full cookie sheet of molds and plaster casts. I used several of my vintage oil cans, buttons and a key.

Somewhere around the middle of the day the fire alarms went off and we had fire men in our classroom. That was an interesting distraction. Our instructor felt so bad about the interruption that she gave us all some free resin to take home and play with. Yay, free product is always fun!

This was a fun class to take to learn a bunch of techniques that I have never done before.

we started with plain poplar wooden houses, a plaster heart on fire and an empty bezel. Below is about what I left the class with. The house on the right is completed, the other 2 are in various stages.

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