Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Repurposed table with patterns and finished Create 2013 project!

This past long holiday weekend was sooooo BUSY!

My hubby and I are in the midst of doing some major redecorating in the house which requires lots of painting and a small amount of construction. This took up most of my time.

I also took some time to refinish a table for my sewing room. My embroidery machine was sitting on top of my craft trunk which made it difficult to get in and out of to my craft supplies. While out shopping a couple weeks ago my hubby and I found this great vintage table with an enabled metal top. I have no idea what it used to be.... I'm thinking it must have been for some type of tool or machine. Anyways, I took some time and sanded the rusty spots, sprayed it real good with several coats of primer, painted the base and then collages the top with some patterns that were in my recycle pile! It came out so awesome!!! I used 2 bottles of mod podge to adhere the tissue patterns. I did this over 2 days in about 4-5 layers. After that dried I sanded and then applied more mod podge and repeated. The last step was to seal it with an acrylic sealer and tadaaa! A damn awesome table top for my embroidery machine with plenty of room under for ALL of my embroidery supplies.

I also found the time to finish up one of my Create 2013 projects. The House full of Grace project is complete and they are now residing in the newly re-done guest bedroom. This was a fun little project. My 3 houses all have specific meaning to me. The middle with the grace on it is family. The 3 buttons on the bottom represent my hubby, myself and our daughter. The one with the key represents my dreams with the key to unlock my dreams and the third one represents my love of sewing and fashion.

I hope to have another Create project finished next week. For now I am off on a work trip!

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