Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tha place mats are done! and a new Toy :)

The place mats and table runner are done! They turned out really. really nice... despite them not being my favorite project.
The table set.

Reversible to a solid wine colored batik backing. The 1inch diamond quilting pattern looks great from both sides.

We used them last night for a little dinner party with friends.

On Friday I attended the Sewing and Quilt Expo in Schaumburg, IL , a suburb of Chicago. I planned in spending the day this way I could take my time and have lots of breaks for my leg. I also wanted to take the opportunity to try out sewing machines. I have been researching a new machine and had some good ideas what I wanted and the Expo is a great place to try them all out.

I also took some time to watch the fashion show of the independent pattern makers at the Expo. 

Of course, I left with a bunch of fabric and patterns and various other items... I'll share with you later.

 But... the biggest thing I left with was a Brand Spanking New 'Advanced Sewing and Quilting' sewing machine. The Babylock Symphony.
I can't wait to unpack the box!

I am sooooo darn excited!! The dealer who I ended up buying it from is about 35 mins from me. I was hoping to go with one of the dealers closer to me but this dealer is top notch and hands down beat her competitors with not only price and personality but also in offering free lifetime lessons on the machine and excellent customer service and has a full sewing shop with fabric, notions, classes, etc. The 'other'  dealer that is 5 mins from me is a sew and vac shop and while they have been fine for tuneups of my basic machines they always seemed to lack something. 

Anyway... I hope to get my new machine unpacked and set-up. I can't wait to play!!! Monday, I call to set up some lessons.

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  1. I love all your quilting projects. Do you have any hung around your house? (like this

    Have you tried making anything for your horse? Saddle pads, polar fleece cooler, tail bag etc...

    You should definitely list on Etsy or Ebay if you don't already!


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