Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My 100th post! I LOVE my new machine

I woke up this morning insanely early and could not go back to sleep... I had showered, eaten breakfast, done my 45 mins of PT exercises and spent 45 mins in the sewing room all before 8am!

It was a darn productive morning! Too bad I don't have the energy to make that happen everyday :)

IN that 45 mins in the sewing room I was able to figure out how to wind the bobbin, thread the bobbin and the machine and sew with the coolest pivot feature. OK, actually my first day of sewing on the machine and I had several seriously cool to me things.

  1. The Bobbin, you don't have to pull up the thread. You just pop it in, pull it through a slot where it cuts it at the end and done.
  2. Threading the needle... OK, soooo cool. you thread it through the upper guides like normal, everything is very well marked, you get down by the needle and pull the thread across this little slot, pull down a lever on the side and the needle is threaded. no more licking the thread, squinting my eyes and getting close and personal with the machine. It was so cool and easy that I had to do it a couple times!
  3. The pivot feature: there is a setting that allows you to sew and when you stop it lifts the foot automatically so you can pivot your fabric then you just press on the pedal and the foot automatically lowers and sews on. You don't have to reach through the machine and lift the presser foot at every corner. I was amazed at how much time this saved.
  4. the last thing is also mighty nice. you push a button and it automatically cuts your threads so all you have to do is pull your fabric out from the machine. NO more pulling the threads out and snipping with snips or the side cutter.
  5. Oh and it sews like a dream... can't wait to put in the zippers!
I think all of those cool features, plus the gazillions more that I have not yet even gotten to are just great time savers. They all add up to make your sewing more efficient plus they are just cool.

I am working on making a bunch of fabric wallets and one of the first steps is sewing the rectangle box for the zipper. You sew the 2 pieces of fabric right sides together, then carefully slit down the center of the rectangle with an exacto knife and into the corners and pull one side through and you have the zipper window. The pivot feature made this go so fast.

I had to just add one more picture of my new machine! I think it may be about time I make some fancy covers for my machines. My serger looks disheveled in it's old plastic cover...
The only down side that I have had so far is that the machine came with free lifetime lessons. When I bought the machine I was told to call on Monday and with whom to leave a message for to set up the appointments. It is now Wednesday evening and I have not heard anything back. I will give them the benefit of the doubt that things just got missed and call them back again tomorrow. If not I will just have to show up at the store and smile sweetly :)

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