Thursday, April 14, 2011

A good week in the sewing room

This week has been a good week in my sewing room :) Other than Monday when I was traveling, I spent some time in there everyday! That doesn't happen too often.
I have tried to make it a priority to get in there everyday and do something productive.

Even if it is only for 15 5or 20 mins. Mostly I have been getting in there in hour blocks of time. I sure can get a lot done in an hour, as long as I am both motivated and well organized.

I continue to LOVE my new sewing machine. I have not received a call back from the dealer yet, although I also have not called them back. At this point I am feeling confident with the basics and have not yet run into any questions. Maybe once I get some more time to play with some of the advanced features then I will have questions and then call them back.

I did manage to break my first needle! and boy oh boy does that machine have some force to it. It snapped the needle into 3 pieces. It was totally user error that caused the snapped needle. It was late, I was tired, I was sewing though a very thick sandwich of fabric and stiff interfacing and instead of being patient... I pulled to much on the fabric and whamo, snapped needle.

It was very easy to replace the needle and I once again got to use the magical auto threader. Ha! I am so easily amused!

Current project in progress... the fabric wallets. As you can see I am making several of these and 1 is for me and the others are for gifts.

The snapped needle

The fabric sandwich that I broke the needle on... It was sewing through this just fine until user error... duh.

This weekend there is so much happening! Which translates into no time for the sewing room.

I am going away for the weekend with the 'girls' to the Midwest Horse Fair. Horses and girls and it is gonna be a great time!
The other thing going on is that Melissa is moving into her new apartment. I'm happy and excited for her and I sure am not too upset about missing the moving day. :D She is already giving me a 'list' of all the great things she wants me to whip up for her in the sewing room.

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