Monday, April 25, 2011

No time for the sewing room...

so, I brought the sewing room with me on the road to Butler, PA! Well, not literally. I did bring a pattern with me that I needed to cut out and mark up.

I packed the pattern, a small pair of scissors, a marker and an extra measuring tape in a gallon ziploc in my suitcase. After dinner I spent some time double checking my measurements, reading the pattern directions, cutting out my pattern pieces and jotting down any necessary and interesting notes.

The pattern is for a button down shirt with a variety of sleeve designs. I have been looking for a good basic button down shirt. I have a couple different patterns to play with. This one is the easiest of the designs. No back yoke, shaping is done mostly via shaped side seams and darts in the back. I have a similar store bought shirt of this design that I really like except for the fit over my hips. I am hoping to be able to take core of the fitting with this shirt. The neckline is the type of an open 'v' until where the buttons start. So it is a bit more feminine than a traditional button up.

When I get some time at home I will compare the measurements of the shirt I like to the pattern pieces and make any adjustments. I was debating on making a muslin. I have plenty of extra fabric that I think I will use an inexpensive piece of fabric from my stash as the muslin. Worst come to worst I can always use it as a gardening shirt!

This is a good way for me to bring some sewing fun with me on the road, gives me something to do in the hotel room, and keeps me more productive when I get back into my sewing room.

And a great big THANKS to my MOM for all her encouragement. I love you mom :)

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