Friday, April 29, 2011

no lights...

I returned home from my crazy week of travel, Monday and Tuesday in Butler, PA then Wednesday evening and Thursday in Dayton, OH and then an all day meeting today in Chicago. I got home from my meeting a couple hours early and the first thing on my mind was ohhhh, I can have a couple hours just to myself in the sewing room. Some time to unwind and get my creative juices flowing, a little me time in the sewing room usually lifts my spirits.

Well, I went to flip the switch for the lights on and the switch was like a wet noodle. It did nothing, no satisfying click of the switch, no lights, nothing. I was so disappointed. After my crazy week I should not have been surprised but damn, I wanted to play.

I decided to clean house a bit and took care of all the vacuuming and straightening up instead. I now have my trusty little handy man book out so I can fix the light switch tomorrow. right... I mean so Rick can fix my light switch. Pretty funny when I think about it, If it was the light switch to any other room in the house I would not have cared at all. I can navigate in the dark! But the sewing room.... Noooooooo!!!

No sewing, No barn, busy week = cranky steph

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