Monday, April 4, 2011

BabyLock Symphony

My new BabyLock Symphony set up on my main sewing desk. The included extension table is to the left.

I had several hours Sunday afternoon/evening to set up my new Baby Lock Symphony, give it a try and to go through my other expo loot. I am amazed at how much larger it is compared to my NewHome machine, easily 30% bigger.

Looking at the picture above makes me realize that I really could use a new sewing desk! I'll have to keep an eye out at garage sales and antique/re-sale shops. Maybe I can find a desk made from real wood and re-finish it for my sewing room. My 15+ year old pressed fiber desk is looking a bit shabby and it is starting to sag in the middle.

It was nice to have several hours uninterrupted to just play around in my sewing room. The rest of the family were busy on the couch watching movies and I was just not interested.

The new Symphony and the Old New Home. The New Home will be going to a new home!

The new machine was easy to set-up. The first thing I did was to go through all the included parts and make sure that everything was there and that I knew what everything was. With 17 included machine feet/attachments there were lots of little pieces. It also came with an extension table which is great, it means I don't have to order one separately. I must point out though that the bed of the machine is so much bigger than any machine I have ever used.

I then sat with the instruction manual and spent a good hour or more just navigating the touch screen and getting an idea of the layouts and where everything can be found. Of course I then pulled out some fabric from the scrap bin and played around a bit with some stitches. The machine was already threaded with pink thread so I left that for playing with.

Maybe this evening I will get some time and can play some more. Figure out the threading and bobbin. It is super fancy! You don't have to pull up the bobbin thread, it cuts your threads when your done so no having to pull threads out to the side cutter, unless you have an actual reason to!
The threading has an advanced automatic threader which they showed to me at the expo, it was like magic... I'll have to try it out and see if it really is.

Sew much fun!!


  1. what do you think about your baby lock symphony machine now that you have had it for awhile?

  2. Me again, would you send me an email about what you like and don't like about the new machine , am thinking about getting one, I would use it for quilting. thanks


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