Friday, April 22, 2011

Place mats for Mel are done

I finished Melissa's new place mats today. They came out so very cute.

I used the Simplicity bias tape maker to make the binding, I think that is one of the best purchases I have made that is not an actual sewing machine. At the sewing expo I picked up this handy tool that is a special ruler thing that is called a binding tool. It allows you to easily figure out how the 2 ends meet. It works pretty well and took some of the headache out of finishing off the binding. Here is a YouTube video that shows how it works.

I also made a matching doggy place mat for Holly. This is just the penguin fabric fused between sheets of fusible vinyl and then cut the edges with a wave blade on the rotary cutter.

Cute place mats, great for everyday use.
The binding tool
The wave blade on my rotary cutter

Fabric fused in Vinyl: makes a great doggy place mat!

Now time to think about the next project :) 

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