Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Place mats

Once again I am working on a set of place mats.

However, this time it is a MUCH easier project! Melissa moved into her new apartment this past weekend and asked if I would make some everyday place mats for her table. I asked her what they wanted and she replied 'penguins' and Dorian replied 'dinosaurs'. Big sigh...

penguins and dinos and zany black and white for binding.
So, I took dinosaurs and penguins, sandwiched them with some fusible batting that I bought by mistake some time ago. Fused them and using one of the cool new stitches on my machine, quilted away!

close up of each side, showing the 'wave' stitch
This was the first time I have played with the decorative stitching on this machine and I was very happy. I played a bit on these place mats, figuring out placing with the stitch. It was also a very good test of the balance because I used green in the bobbin and aqua blue in the needle and no show through of colors to the other side.

Now I just need to bind them, roll them up and stick them in their Easter basket.

The wallets, hanging in the sewing room. Only 4 left! I sure do love making great gifts :)

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  1. Hey! I work with your mom... she showed me the purse/wallet/etc that you made her. I couldn't believe the craftsmanship and creativity that went into that. Amazing! I sew but, i've never created anything even in the realm of what you did. It was so professional. wow. You are an amazing craftsperson! Love the site :) - Erin


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