Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pocatello hike #2

I had another great hike this morning! I went the same way as I did on Monday. Up Sandy Lane on the trail to Kinport Peak. Today I gave myself a couple hours which was both good and bad. The good was having time to go much further and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. The bad was that by the time I was on my way back down the morning frost was gone and the trail got a bit muddy. In some places it was down right slick! Like a giant muddy slip and slide :) I did stay upright and made it down in one piece with several good chuckles, mud and I have always had a good relationship.

The temperature was much better today, just around the freezing mark and a little overcast.

That spot on the trail, high up in the picture, with the snow on it was very, very steep! Sure don't get trails like that in Chicagoland.

Overlooking Pocatello.

Kinport Peak

BlueJay on a juniper bush.

The road to Kinport Peak

High up over Pocatello.

Nature at work producing beautiful colors!

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Location:Pocatello, ID

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