Sunday, March 10, 2013

My heart beats on!

Time is just flying by! I have been so very busy with life. We all get that way some times.

Good news is my heart has no damage and aside from the aortic septal aneurysm and the mitral valve prolapse I am in good condition. The cardiologist had me cut all caffeine and chocolate from my diet.... So blogging the past couple weeks most likely would have been a bitch session more than anything else!

On the good side of it all,it seems that cutting the caffeine and chocolate have stopped the heart symptoms. I'm just fine with that trade off! And no medications other than my daily aspirin AND my daily exercise.

The only real concerning news from the cardiologist was that my heart itself is weak. It needs to get into shape and pronto. So he prescribed 60 mins of exercise 6 days a week. I was currently more in the 30- 40 mins 4-5 times a week.

Fitting in that 60 mins a day can be challenging with my crazy work schedule but so far I am doing very well. I have only missed one day.

It really helps that I have a SUPER support system!! My husband and daughter have been so great. Both of them giving up caffeine in the house, chatting up making good and healthy decisions and encouraging to get the exercise time in. They have made this all the more easier for me to do! I love them so much!

On the sewing side, I have been getting stuff done. I am currently in the process of making a jacket for me, the kingfisher can use for work or a nice evening out. Plus finishing some hand sewing on the beaded bag and I have been working on bridal shower favors. The favors I have actually taken with me on my weekly work trips and have been doing the cutting,pressing, fusing interfacing, etc... In my hotel room in the evenings after dinner.

Pictures soon!!

Happy Sewing :)

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