Monday, March 25, 2013

Pocatello Hike up Sandy lane to Kinport Peak

Early this morning I went for a sunrise hike. It was a bit cold out, just hovering around 20 degrees. I stayed nice and toasty while hiking!

The trail head is just a 15 minute uphill walk from my mother-in-laws house on the west bench of Pocatello.

The view up from my MIL's house. I just decided I wanted to go there, and google maps showed there was an access road. So, off I went!

At the end of the paved road was this sign and one next to it saying these were public lands. Basically no motorized vehicles, although there was plenty of signs of dirt bikes and 4 wheelers.

This trailhead was letter 'B' Sandy Lane

The sunrise was beautiful on the winter grasses.

Up, up, up. Oh what a workout on my legs and butt! Chicago area just doesn't have these kind of hills!

Very pretty and very peaceful.

After 30 mins of what felt like straight up things leveled off a little and were just slightly up!

Me... And yes, a sweaty head and red face from all the up!

I miss hills!

I love the texture and colors of nature!

Luckily my body is getting strong enough and neither the up or the down were an issue on my knee. I was wondering how they would feel after this hike and they are no worse than any other day! Yippee!! I am here for 5 more days so will hopefully get out for a couple more hikes.

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Location:Pocatello, ID

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