Monday, March 18, 2013

Progress on Cynthia Guffey Jacket J5054

This weekend I had some time in my sewing room to work on my Cynthia Guffey Jacket. I finalized construction on the lining and sewed it to the front and neckline facings. I started on the hand sewing which included whip stitching the slots closed for the collar slot. Sounds confusing but not really when you look at the picture.

The rest of the work consists of hand sewing the lining to the jacket at the hemlines. This I saved to do in the evening when we have some family TV time. I was originally thinking of doing some topstitching but after auditioning several different threads on a sample I decide against it. I thought it was just too much with this fabric!

The rest of my time in the sewing room tis weekend was working on wedding projects. I'm currently in the middle of making the bridal shower favors. I was even able to get my darling hubby to help me cut out some of the bizzillion pieces! (Although, I don't think he was very happy about it! I sure did appreciate the help!!)

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