Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 2014 wrap-up!

This post is mostly for my own benefit. I was thinking it would be nice to do a wrap up post each month to help me see what I have done and determine where I want to go!

January was a great month for sewing!! I was very productive and was working from home for a big chunk of it. My hubby and I went on a GREAT vacation that we truly enjoyed together.

So here is what I made in January! 8 projects totaling in 11 items.

From left to right starting at the top.
1. Beach dress/cover up made from a nylon missoni like knit bought at Linda Z's using McCalls 5890.
2. Colette Hawthorn dress made up from $2.50 100% cotton shirting from JoAnn's.
3. Sewing Workshops Ann's tank made up in a stretch lace over a knit also from super sale at JoAnn's.
4. Bombshell Bathing Suit made up from swimsuit fabric from JoAnn's (I will buy swimsuit fabric from JoAn's again, the quality is not nearly as nice as my other bombshell suit!)

Left to right across the bottom.
5 and 6. 2 Megan Nielson Ruched maternity tops for my daughter. Both of these knits were from JoAnn's super sale.
7. Embroidered toiletry bag, my own pattern, fabrics from stash left over from a home dec project of my son-in-laws. The lining from my stash as well.
8. Set of 3 envelope pillows, these are a birthday gift and have not yet been blogged about. Just a sneak peek here!

And that wraps it up for January!!

We shall see if I am as productive in February! 
I have 2 items on my must do list. One is a new black sliy knit cardigan. My current one is beginning to look a bit worn!! And number 2 is to make a pair of jeans. (Scary!!!)

Happy Sewing!

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