Thursday, February 6, 2014

More maternity wear and update on my daughter.

This past weekend was a stressful one! My daughter had her back procedure done on Friday morning. We were very happy to learn that her doctor doing the procedure had called in a favor and had an on/gyn anesthesiologist for her case. This made me feel much, much better about the entire thing! The procedure took a bit longer than normal because they used ultrasound instead of flouro to do the procedure.  Anyone who knows much about these imaging modalities knows that ultrasound is not the easiest way to see things. 

She made it through and they gave her fentanyl as a pain medication. In the post op area my heart was breaking for her! I could see the pain that she was in. This tears a mothers heart apart. They gave an additional small dose of fentanyl so that I could get her home. Once home she was so brave and just gritting her teeth and trying to relax, the pain was so bad that I had to help her to even use the bathroom. By Sunday she was improving and she did go back to work. We really think that the absence of the cocktail of medications after her regular procedures was sorely missed! She usually has a mix of muscle relaxers and pain killers and sometimes a pain patch. She HATES taking the meds but now we really know why they give them to her after her procedures!! Hopefully, this round of injections will be enough to get her through the rest of the pregnancy. 

To help cheer her up I decided to whip a couple of maternity skirts for her. I used Megan Nielsen's Ruched maternity Skirt. This is a very easy project with only 2 pattern pieces. 

This black skirt is made from a super soft jersey. The pictures are hard to see the ruching detail. The ruching is from about 2 inches below the waist band (which is worn above the belly) to about 12 inches down. So across the belly and hips. Please excuse the rest of her CRAZY outfit!!! I was happy just to get her to try on the skirts and let me take pictures!! LOL!!

This second skirt is a bright blue light weight rib knit. The 2 detail photos are lightened way up so you can see the flower details.
I saw this flower and leaf detail on another blog or Facebook and I FULLY intended to give credit where credit is due. However, I can not find the post. It was a remake of a coat into a skirt and I loved the flower details. If it was you or you know who please, please, please let me know in the comments so I can link up!

I just took scraps left over from cutting out the pattern and just freehand cut leaf shapes and varying size circles, payed them up in a placement that I liked and then machine stitched them down. She really loved the detail of the flowers. It was so nice that I made her smile :)

She wore the black skirt to work this week and and said some of her workers were ready to give me orders. That always makes me feel good.

Happy Sewing!

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