Friday, February 21, 2014

A new Dancing dress! vogue 8894

My hubby and I really, REALLY enjoy dancing! I'm not just talking about the go to club, have a couple drinks and shake your body kind of dancing... I'm talking about REAL dancing. The kind you have to practice and learn the moves, the kind with dance names like rumba, tango, waltz, west coast swing,
 and have dance moves like two way underarm turns, crossover breaks and shoulder checks! Just to name a few:) 

When dancing it sure is nice to have a dress that moves and swings out. Must have great TWIRLABILITY!! 
Now this is Excellent TWIRLABILITY!!! Although I probably should have put on my tights... Ahhhh naked legs!!!

So more about this project!
Pattern: Vogue 8894 View A

A few words about this pattern... It runs HUGE!!! I suppose that this is because the y say it can be used for knit or light weight wovens so obviously it must have a huge a mount of ease built in. I made this in a knit and according to the measurements on the pattern I started with a large for the neckline and shoulder/sleeves (all cut on one) and then  graded out to the XL for the waist down. However, since I was using a knit I had to make major changes. 

I raised the neckline by over an inch and I ended up using 1 5/8 inch seam allowances along the ENTIRE side seam from the sleeve hem all the way to the skirt hem. Which brought me down to medium.  

Here is a picture I took before I took in the side seams. Looks like a GIANT sack of a WADDER. OMG quick take it off!!!!!

Ugg, that is what happens with so called 'EASY' patterns! 

So back to the sewing machine and off I loped 4 inches of fabric and things were a bit better. 
**** So just a disclaimer here, this is NOT the normal style of dress that I would where and I am certain that it will only get worn for dancing. All that fabric from the waist down does not do much to enhance my ample bottom!! However, I wore this dancing last night and several of the ladies commented on my great dress! which was nice to hear:) ****

More on construction. I stabilized the waist seam so that nothing would stretch out of shape with my knit. I eliminated the zipper. With that giant V neck you really don't need it! I also stabilized the neckline with a fusible knit interfacing cut slightly smaller than the neckline and fused to the seamline. 
The sleeves are hemmed with a small 3/8 inch hem turned under and cover stitched. The handkerchief hem is done with a 3 thread hem overlock. Like a wide rolled hem.  I used a dark purple rayon thread that looks quite nice.

Fabric: modal knit, very lovely, soft and a dream to sew with. This was from JoAnn's. I was going to order some fabric for it but then JoAnn's had 60% off the premium fall line. Originally they were asking for $29.99/ yard!!! No way! (Not from an unknown Jo Ann's manufacturer...)

This dress needs to be styled. I don't think it looks the best as is. Although it has a better shape than the first pre adjusted picture!

I feel that I have to wear a camisole under it. It's hard to see in this picture but if I even bend over 15 degrees I feel like I'm flashing everyone!!! NO flashers needed! I could only imagine what would happen when I bend over to change into my dance shoes.... OH my!!

So I added a camisole and a wide black knit elastic belt and I was much happier.

LOL!!! self timed pictures are always an interesting lot. I had to stand on an exercise step cause I kept cutting off the bottom of the dress.

Will I make this again? I may try it with a lightweight woven for the summer... We shall see. It is a good dance dress pattern to keep in my pattern stash.

What's next on my work table? I have been working on making a muslin for a pair of jeans! The pattern has been traced, a muslin marked up and today I baste it together and see what changes need to made in The fitting.

I also have what feels like a zillion yards of fabric for baby projects!! I plan to get a BUNCH of stuff cut out and projects readied so that after my knee surgery I can just sew away!

Happy Sewing!!!


  1. I love a dress with twirlability! A recent dress kept being caught in photos with a lot of motion blur because I just wanted to twirl like a 4 year old.
    I love the belt with this. It really defines your waist.


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