Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ugh. So sick And my jeans progress

I have finally succumbed to the rounds of nasty colds and flu traveling around. I am in bed with some sort of a virus, a raw throat, pounding headache and heavy chest.  My voice and thoughts are but a whisper through my sore voice box and the fog of cold medicines. 

I have been making very, very slow progress on my jeans project. Actually, the first pair I am making are a plum 100% cotton stretch courdory.  It's so lovely!

I am using Silhouettes pattern Lana's jeans along with Angela Wolf's jeans Craftsy class and 2 pants fitting DVDs I own. One from Peggy savers and one from ???? (See foggy medicine brain!)

Anyway, at the end of last week, pre- flu, I made 2 muslins. And made a myriad of changes to the pattern. 

I probably should have taken a pic of myself in the muslin so you could see the changes I made.... But I didn't. I was actually trying to get the first pair of pants done for a work trip this week. Which I ended up having to cancel due to this nasty bug I have. 

Yesterday, between naps I got the fabric cut out , the back pockets designed and top stitched, the coin pocket assembled and the back yokes attached to the back legs and top stitched. May sound like a lot but it really is not! 

The stitching on the pockets is perfectly symmetrical. See the top pic. I love the optical illusion when you put them side by side and don't focus the camera directly on the center line that they look funky and skewed. 

I shall see what I manage to get done today. It would be nice to get the back crotch sewn, attach the pockets and sew the inseam. However,  I'm not so sure. ... It is only 8:40am and I am crawling into bed for a nap. 

Happy Sewing!

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