Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm having a granddaughter!!!

As some of you may already know my daughter is pregnant and this past Thursday we found out that she is having a girl!! My hubby and I, along with our son-in-law all gathered around the exam table where she lay having the ultrasound. It was so neat to see everything, watching the baby moving around and hearing the heartbeat. It moved me to tears! 

OHhhhhMmmmmGeeeeee!!!!!! I can not contain my excitement!!!

My granddaughter, Victoria Ann, will be arriving here mid June. 

Here is the little baby momma! She sure doesn't look like she is going to be 26 in a month. More like she's still my little teenager!

The excitement continued on Friday when she had a back procedure/injection scheduled. Due to the pregnancy her doctors had to change up her usual course of treatment.  They brought in an ob/gyn anesthesiologist to be in on her case and used ultrasound guidance for the injection instead of x-ray flouro guidance. The recovery afterwards is going much slower than normal since she can not take her normal post surgery cocktail of muscle relaxers and painkillers. They gave an injection of pain medicine at the hospital that allowed me to get her home on, after that it has just been ice and rest. She is being a trooper! I am having them stay at our house for the weekend just to make it easier on them and to keep me from worrying to much!

4.5 months to go and keeping my fingers crossed that her back holds out! 

Life is good! I got a quick hour and a half in the sewing room this morning an d cut out 2 maternity skirts for Melissa. Other than that we have spent the day all cuddled up with blankets not he he couch watching movies as the snow just keeps on falling outside!


  1. Life certainly is good for you ~ congratulations on the 'girl' news ~ keep that daughter of yours healthy ... J


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