Friday, January 31, 2014

Costa Rica paradise!!

My husband and I have returned from our Costa Rica holiday and it was paradise!!! I had every intention of taking a picture every day of what I wore to share and of even doing a couple blog posts. However, paradise took over and I just let it consume me, sooth my soul with its warm breezes, tropical fruits, Sandy beaches and the best mojitos ever! 

It was just a lovely, romantic soothing to the soul vacation. We didn't worry about any details and just enjoyed each other's company and the gorgeous surroundings.

With that said I did a little counting as I was unpacking and getting back to reality.
I brought 22 clothing items (not counting panties and such)
12 of tese items were either complelty handmade or refashioned.
10 were ready to wear of which 3 of these were Capri tights to wear under my brace.

It was so rewarding to be able to dress myself in my mostly my creations knowing that no one else in paradise was going to be wearing the same thing!

Snorkeling in my new blue bombshell swimsuit

A white button up blouse/sun coverup I made fa couple years ago. Fabric from Mood.
We were on the pacific coast and the sunsets were just amazing!

My purple lace tank hanging out in a hammock!
Had jeans on because this was our last day and headed from 95 degrees in Costa Rica to -5 degrees in Chicago!

Another beach/pool coverup refashioned and transformed from an old dress shirt of my husbands. He big a tear in it so I took it added some appliqu├ęs, chopped the sleeves and added a hood.
Another older creation of mine is the sleeveless swing tank top made out of black ruffle knit cut on the bias. 
The resort we stayed at was just fabulous! The pool was enormous and had several little bridges crossing over it at various parts.
Here I am wearing my nylon net coverup and holding a 'Morito' a fresh raspberry mojito. So delicious!!! Loved it!!

And just to leave you with a little taste of the country! A couple of my favorite pictures of the wildlife.

White faced capuchin monkey.

Big ole crocodile lounging in the mud!

Beach side massage table where my hubby and I had his and hers massage during the sunset to the sound of the waves!

I hope everyone enjoys:)

Next post I have BIG news!!

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