Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lace tank from Sewing Workshops Ann's Cardigan and Tank.

More resort wear for me! Getting ready for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica. Nothing beats wearing something new and nice that I have made.

I had this stretch purple lace and underlying stretch neutral knit both in my stash. I believe I bought them sometime last year to play with the lace trend but just got to it now!

This pattern, Ann's Cardigan and tank from the Sewing Workshop has been marinating in my pattern stash for a while. I had originally pulled it for the cardigan and as I was planning on a couple of wardrobe updates for my up coming trip the tank portion drew my eye.

Sine I ended up doing a double layer of fabric the lace and the neutral knit I had to play around a bit with construction details. I really wanted the neck and armholes to have a nice clean finished look. The pattern calls for the option of leaving these unfinished... I think at the neck and armholes this would have drive me crazy!!! I think I'm pushing it for leaving the hem unfinished....

I serged the 2 layers together with right side of the lace (shiny metallic side) against the wrong side of the under knit at the armholes and the neckline. Next I flipped the lace to the right side leaving the armholes and neckline with a nice clean finish. I then just proceeded with serging the shoulder seams and side seams as instructed. If I had been really picky... Meaning if I had thought of it ahead of time... I would have finished the shoulder seams by hand. This would have made the garment reversible. Not to worried about this cause I don't think I'd ever want to wear it reversed.

After figuring the construction this was an easy project to do and will be a nice addition to my vacation wardrobe!

On the work table... Another bombshell bathing suit,this time in a solid blue. 

I must say that with all the snow and the deep freeze I am finding it fun to work on summer clothes!

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