Sunday, April 29, 2012

Work wardrobe and Sewing with novelty knits

Since returning from my holiday I have been focusing on how to add to my work wardrobe. When I did the great closet clean out 3 weeks ago I was left with a minuscule work wardrobe. Good thing I work remotely and travel to see customers so. No one knows I am wearing the same several outfits over and over!!! If I worked in an office I would be toast.

I did a critical evaluation of what I have for work and decided to build off of what I have so I can bulk up on choices.

I have 3 pairs of pants. One brown twill and 2 black in various fabrics and weights. And for tops it is almost worse. I have only one usable outfit to make out of the brown pants.
I decided to stop there and just jump in and make some top to go with the brown pants.

I decided on a basic twin set out of this very nice textured knit with some weight and sponginess to it.

I started out by doing a test run on my sewing machine using the regular foot and it was disastrous. It did not feed nicely the stitches were uneven and wonky and things were just as bad on the serger, even playing with the diff feed did not make things much better. So I broke out the walking foot, my stash of fusible tapes and got busy. It also meant this project was going to take me much longer than expected!

- stitches on left without walking foot, right with walking foot. Both set for a 3.0 length.

- walking foot, all my seams taped, pins and every seam basted on sewing machine before heading to the serger!

- basted seams with 5.0 stitch length and then lined this basting line up to the left needle on my serger foot.

- cardigan front and hem fused with 1 1/4 in knit tape other seams with 1/2 tape.

Going thought all the trouble of fusing all the seams gave me better control and the final product is beautiful and I don't have to worry about any growing or sagging seams.

- the cardigan fronts were finished with the serger, folded in half on the tape and then cover stitched. The result is beautiful, even on the inside!

Now I just need to decided on closures. I have decided not to put button holes down the entire front. I NEVER wear my twinsets buttoned up. I only ever button them at the top and/or over the chest. I like the way this looks on me best.

So I left the project unfinished over night to ponder the buttons. This is where I think I am headed....

Stay tuned for the finished project!

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