Thursday, April 12, 2012

More thoughts on Style

My last work trip before vacation! I am itching to get back home, I have one more shirt that I want to finish prior to getting on the plane to Jamaica Sunday morning.

A oversized, comfy white cotton button down. It's cut out and sitting on the work table!

I have had some more thoughts on style. I actually took some time to look through some fashion mags and websites, really look at different designers and just take it all in. With my closet standing somewhat empty I need to organize my thoughts and make a game plan. I love the idea of making lists but don't want to box myself in to anything.

I have decided that if I had to describe my style:
Polished yet unexpected with a bit of the unusual and well made and comfortable and of course unique!

Yup, that describes me and many other sewers, self designers that I know. It's nice to be part of a really good group of people.

So once I get back from vacation... I know that I really have to work on my 'work wardrobe'. It is really lacking, I have many wonderful patterns and fabric in the stash for work appropriate clothes. Now I just need to get working.

3 areas of work clothes:
- tops
- blazers/jackets
- pants

I may continue with the tops roll I have been on, Thanks to Faye and her Starting at the Top Challenge, I have several tops for spring and summer casual wear. I am leaning towards spending a couple more weeks concentrating on work tops. Hmm much to ponder!

Happy sewing.

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