Thursday, April 5, 2012

So much for shopping in Portland

Yesterday was just one of those days that you just would not mind leaving behind!

The bad storms in Dallas on Tuesday caused American Airlines to cancel tons of flights due to aircraft damage. I woke up yesterday to a lovely text message saying your flight has been canceled, call to reschedule. Sigh...

After spending some time on the phone with our travel agent I was rebooked to get to Portland, OR through a connection in Phoenix, AZ. Really? Oh well. Long day traveling.

Somehow along the way I lost my jacket and then they forgot to Tell me that my short connection time in Phoenix was further complicated by my having to leave terminal 4 and walk a mile to Terminal 2 and go through security again. Jeez, I just made that flight and realized I was sans jacket. Buggers.

Good thing I had the foresight to download some movies to my iPad before going . Phoenix to Portland had me sitting in a middle seat somewhere in the back. HUGO on my iPad saved the day for me.

Now I am sitting in my hotel with a gloomy, wet, chilly day looking back at me. No jacket, no motivation to step out for a quick trip to the button shop. Oh well, I console myself with the thought that I have thousands of awesome buttons in my stash at home. Plus it gave me time to peruse some new to me sewing blogs.

My week in Jamaica can not come soon enough!

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Location:Portland, OR

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