Friday, April 6, 2012

Figuring out my style

I have been doing some thinking while on this work trip about what I am going to to about my empty closet.

In reality this is probably the first time in my life that I have had so little clothes and the opportunity to rebuild it in the way that I want to. I started thinking about what I want to sew which led me to thinking about what style I want to portray. And then had a very clear thought that I just don't know what style I am!

The questions then started popping up left and right in my head!
- did I even have a defined style before the great closet purge?
- or did I just willy nilly shop for what fit and make some pieces here and there?
Then I started thinking about other people.
- Do most people have a clearly defined style?
- Does one even need to have a clearly defined style?

And then if you google fashion styles it just gets even worse! Because then some fashionista media magazines are trying to put every one into clearly defined little boxes of style. I hate boxes and labels!
You could be:
- classic
- chic
- whimsical
- bohemian
- avant-garde

According to said fashion media you can only be one of those or possibly a mixture of two. But that is it... Hmmmmm, seriously? I think not.

I think I like 'Stephanie' style.... Even though I'm not 100% sure exactly what that is!

Time for me to do some style exploring. Figuring out best colors, shapes, fit and ease. I want clothes that look good on me, make me feel confident and portray me. The best part about the entire thing is that I get to make it all :)

Do you have a style all your own?

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