Thursday, June 18, 2009

sweater makeover

I had this wonderful wool sweater from Eddie Bauer that my husband bought for me about 10 years ago. The past 2 or so years I have stopped wearing it regularly for several reasons.

It was very pilly, I had worn out the edges of the cuffs of the sleeves, it somehow over the years shrunk just a little... (surely it was not because I had gotten any bigger :)

I just could not part with it so I re-made it!

  1. I de-pilled it using a shaver
  2. I drew out several ideas on paper to get my creative juices flowing
  3. I cut off the cuffs and collar
  4. I marked out the exact center and cut up it and angle out to give it a little v-neck shape.
  5. The yellow satin ribbon is from my grandmothers stash (probably from before I was born... it was used in bassinet making when we were born)
  6. I used a foldover technique for the ribbon
  7. the large button is from my antique button collection.
  8. made a button loop with the ribbon.

in progress: ribbon pinned on

Playing with button placement

Final product!

Button detail

I just love it! My husband was a little dismayed when he saw me cutting up the sweater.. however he loves the finished product!

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