Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have been working on this idea of re-use, re-cycle and make my own cloths and accessories for several months.

But, have not really gotten super serious about it.

I have this great sewing/craft room all to myself and over the past 9 years in this house it has seen untold number of projects come through. From craft items, scrapbooks, to Halloween costumes and power suits and quilts projects. And it has seen it's days as a guest room and when our daughter moved out it even turned into a storage room for a while.

I have recently re-claimed my room!! Yeah!! And have been working on some projects. All the hype in the media about 'being green' and being environmentally responsible along with the dreadful economy really got my ideas flowing.

What kind of things could I do?
  • save money
  • re-use favorite items
  • re-fashion outdated items
  • find new homes for things (to actual people)
  • re-cycling
  • composting
  • etc... etc...
So , it all started with a bag of clothes that I had put aside for Goodwill. Goodwill is an easy way for me to feel like I have not wasted clothes and other items. But... I just kept thinking there is so much more I can do.

I went back through that bag of clothes, which consisted of old clothes, clothes that did not fit and things I just did not use anymore. My closet was too stuffed with unworn items. I reorganized my closet and ended up with a big black bag of stuff that sat in my sewing room for a long time.
Out of this bag I came up with several very cute and sexy tops that I passed down to my daughter and some of her friends. Great items for a night out on the town.
I had some awesome button down shirts that just did not fit anymore and were well appreciated by the college girls. I also had some work shirts that I made over into rags plus a cute zip-up. Etc.... etc...

And on top of it all... I have a massive stash of fabric. Yes I am a fabric whore, can't help myself.
I am vowing to NOT BUY another single piece of fabric until I can at least store all my fabric neatly in the sewing room closet. (I may not be buying any fabric for a long, long time!)

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