Wednesday, June 24, 2009

not really a sewing project but a craft one! For all the guys out there!

This one is for my Dad!! I can just see him shaking his head the same way my husband did when he walked past my sewing room and saw what I was up too....

I decorated my fishing tackle box! hehe

Just wanted to make sure that no one would get mixed up and pick up the wrong one! I spent a lot of time picking out all the different 'things' that are inside of that box. Not quite sure what I was picking out... so I just sort of went with the pretty factor and wild guesses. Not sure Dad would approve of that either.... hehe

Top of the box, a little bling glued on, nice designs with dimensional paint and of course I had to do a fishy call!

Front view

Up close of my fish call. Do you think it will work???

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