Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 shirts into 1!

My next project was a fun one! A re-fashion or re-design project.

This was an idea that I got from one of my Threads magazines at some time or another. I just never put it to use.

SO I decided to play a little. The 2 original shirts were bought about 3 or 4 summers ago at Kohls on a super sale. As you can see they have been worn and washed a zillion times and needed to put down. Fading, shrinking, the orange one had some strange spots here and there.

Orange knit shirt
Brown knit shirt

They were in the undecided pile... rags or donate..

I figured I had nothing to lose by cutting them up and playing with them! And I was right!! I adore the finished outcome. Comfortable, fashionable and super cute, and I know have a cute summer shirt for another season or two!

I cut a four inch band off the bottom of the brown shirt and added it to the bottom of the orange shirt to give it a layered look and to add some much needed length.
Then I cut the diamond embroidered lace detail off the brown shirt to place on the orange shirt somewhere. I then cut four 2 inch wide strips from the brown shirt as I could crosswise. I took these and sewed 2 together so that I had 2 long strips of 2 inch wide brown fabric. These strips I then played around with placement over the orange shirt. Once I found a pleasing (and not old lady looking) design. I transferred the placement to the inside. Sewed the brown strips to the inside of the shirt and then just cut away the orange part. I also sewed on the brown diamond patch to my back left hip. I left the cut away orange edges raw as well as the diamond patch edges.

Final front of shirt

Final back with diamond placement

Back detail

Front detail

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