Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summertime flowers, Bread & Butter Pickles and Simply Squared Quilt

It's nearing the end of August and after such a hot summer many of the flowers and plants in the yard are starting to look a bit sun worn. And just as I was lamenting the burned out look I noticed one of the bushes along the property line has come into full bloom. Oh, how it made me smile. Between the blooming bush, the beautiful sunflowers,15lbs of fresh picked cucumbers and happy dogs, the day way destined to be a good one!

And then out of the blue... Another great surprise! We had a hummingbird show up at our back deck. PERFECTLY lovely! I have not seen a hummingbird in our yard for years. I promptly filled one of my hummingbird feeders in hopes that the sweet little hummingbird will hang around. Now we have an American Toad and a hummingbird. I know... Kind of geeky.

With the 15lbs of cucumbers my husband helped me make 2 batches of bread and butter pickles. It was so great to have my hubby helping! 4 quarts of pickles from the regular green skinned cukes and another 4 quart jars from the lemon cukes.

Yesterday evening I got to spend a couple hours in my sewing room and did some more work on my 'Simply Squared' quilt. (I figured I should record the name of it!) Here is another sneak peak.

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