Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crankiness rules the day! Overcome with some of my favorite things. :)

Or maybe I should say hormones rule the day. Oh well, I won't go into it, I'm sure you get the idea.

Despite my crankiness, I endeavored to be productive and find enjoyment in my day at home. The sunflowers made me happy!

I spent some time outside this morning before the heat got to bad. It was quite a beautiful morning and took the time to tend my flowers and my garden.

Delicate white flowers from the flat chives.

Cucumbers growing through the chicken wire fencing.

Spicy hot Serrano peppers.

The Dr Seuss seed heads. These make me smile.

The African margarita daisies are still blooming!

Feathery grass on the deck. The dogs really like the taste of this grass, they are always munching on it!

This afternoon I took an hour and worked on quilt project. I got 3 blocks finished. This is an actual pattern from one of the many books that I own. I usually just make up my quilt patterns as I go, however this time I decided to be a little more organized and I really liked the look of this project. It fit well into the vision that I have.

I also took a little time to take a nap. I did not sleep well last night...hence the crankiness. Holly and Blue cuddled up with me and all was good until I was woken by Holly thoughtfully cleaning the inside of my nose with her ridiculously long tongue. That was enjoyable. Ick.

Turn around is fair play, what a dirty look I'm getting for waking Holly up! And no, I did not lick her nose. :)

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