Sunday, August 12, 2012

R Larry Touchette seminars at Linda Z's

Friday and yesterday I attended a sewing,embroidery and serger hands on seminar held at Linda Z's in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Each day we worked on a different project. The primary purpose of both of these projects was to learn many different techniques that we don't normally use in our everyday sewing as well as to try out techniques that we can't do on sewing machines that we own. For example on Friday we got to use an embroidery machine and I don't have one so that was fun to try.

Friday was an all day seminar where we created a project from Babylock called 'Hip to be Square' it is a nice little accessory holder to be used in the sewing workroom.

I got to use the Babylock Elegante 3 all Friday.

This side is appliqué done on the embroidery machine. Holy cow was this easy to do! And FUN.

This side has an invisible zipper and couched threads.

This is an embroidery design done with pearl crown in the bobbin. I have the ability to do this on my Symphony but have never tried it. Now I sure will!

This side has a bound pocket.

The inside with all the pockets and the bound top edge.

R Larry Touchette teaching invisible zipper techniques.

The Saturday seminar was an afternoon class for owners of Evolution Sergers. We had to bring our machines with us and the project was to make an evening bag/satchel.

Saturday was fun. However, I broke my serger 45 minutes into the seminar. At least I was at the dealer and I checked her into the hospital to be looked at. It seems that I pulled the lower looper out of whack and my left needle was hitting it and breaking. I was seriously bummed but since there were 17 other lovely women with the same serger I was invited to share with several of my neighbors!

This is the example of the finished project from Saturdays project. We ran out of time on Saturday to complete the project so mine is still in pieces but ready for the final step of completion as soon as I get my serger back from the hospital.

Saturday's Evolution Owners seminar ladies hard at work!

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