Friday, December 18, 2020

Pulling out of the funk of 2020 and wishing for the best Holidays we can have!

 Wow, what a year!

I felt like I was doing so well with ALL the crap that 2020 brought to all of us and then apparently I crossed a line that broke the proverbial camels back! Adding personal issues on top of the global issues was just enough for me.

I made the decision to be a bit quiet on my blog about it as I don't like to use it as a bitch fest but to use it more as a record and celebration of my sewing and creativity.


I love how that sounds and I am slowly getting back to feeling that way. Sewing and creating is such an important part of my life and I have not stopped, I just felt a bit down and unmotivated and overwhelmed with 'stuff'. So, instead,  I have been doing some holiday sewing which has been fun and enjoyable and has helped me to hold my shit together. 

Whatever it takes right now to keep moving forward in the healthiest way possible. I think having grace with myself is so very important. Self care and self love is so important on a regular basis and even more important during these trying times.

I want to wish everyone, every single person across the world, a Happy Holidays and to remind us all that we are not alone, even though it may feel like it!

May your creativity fill you with joy and positive energy during the Holidays :)


Happy Sewing!

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!


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