Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home from the hospital, finished picnic quilt and the toad.

After 5 days in the hospital my daughter was released. The steroids injected into her spine took a couple days to start working but once they did she had rapid improvement.

She is going to go back to work tomorrow and start the car shopping business later this week. Soon the worst part will start, the part of having to deal with multiple insurance companies all wanting the other to pay the mounting medical bills. Ugh, not looking forward to that!

Anyway, I was able to get some time to finish some sewing projects and work on some others, which was well needed mentally for me.

I finished the project from my babylock serger class that I took the weekend before last. I am happy to report that my serger is back and working great and best part was they did not charge me a dime to fix it!

Sunday I spent the day hanging with my daughter watching TV and movies. She worked on a crochet project and I worked on my English Paper Piecing hexagon flowers. I finally figured that for the size quilt I want I will need over 500 flowers. This is certainly a long term project. :)

Yesterday, I sewed the binding onto the picnic quilt. It looks great, I am very happy with it. Now I need to go on a picnic or to a concert in the park or maybe fireworks.

The quilt on the garden fence with the 10 foot plus tall sunflowers in the background!

We found the toad again on our deck, this time in one of the planters. I thought maybe last night that he was just out hunting insects but when I looked closely this morning I found him hidden in the dirt. He dug himself a hides hole. All this time I was blaming the chipmunks for digging up that planter and it has been an American Toad!

I have started thinking of holiday gift sewing... Here is a little sneak peak of one project.

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