Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another beautiful but busy day... And no sewing again.

What a busy day! It always seems like work is busier after a holiday or vacation. I guess everyone is trying to catch up.

My day started out wonderful. I was out in the garden nice and early with my camera and the hose. The newly planted vegetable patch needs lots of water to settle in.

The African daisies just opening for the day.

The last pretty hot pink flower. For the life of me I can not remember the name of this darn plant!! If anyone knows please do tell :)

All of the other blooms have lost their petals and look like they could be straight from a Dr Seuss drawing! Very cool looking.

The Japanese honeysuckle smell so sweet across the yard. I love that the blossoms are different colors.

After my morning jaunt in the garden I spent most of the day in the office/den working. The nicest parts of the day were my lunch on the deck and then a pre-dinner glass of wine on the deck. I was hoping and planning on grabbing an hour or 2 in the sewing studio but it just did not happen. Laundry needed to get done and my bag needed to be packed for my work trip tomorrow.

Chloe girl enjoying the back yard.

Holly smelling the Japanese honeysuckle.

Blue checking for rabbits in the garden.

A little Spanish red wine and homemade roasted red pepper hummus for a pre-dinner warmup.

I'm off to northern New Jersey tomorrow for a couple meetings. Best part about this work trip.... Dinner with my dad tomorrow evening!!

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