Saturday, June 2, 2012

Work trip to Northern NJ

I spent wednesday and thursday this past week in Northern NJ.

I had several appointments scheduled with customers and it was a productive work trip. It was also a productive personal trip. I go to have dinner with my dad on Wednesday. :) it was very nice to get several hours of uninterrupted daddy/daughter time.

Me and my dad... I'm never very good at those self portrait pictures!

I also had to drive right through my old neighborhood and could not help but to be a stalker and check out my childhood home. I wanted to make sure they new people living there were taking care of it!

I also did something that I swore I was not going to do!! I cheated on my sewing room and went clothes shopping.... I was beginning to feel stressed out by not having enough work clothes and with trades how season coming up I NEEDED work clothes. Especially since I cleaned I my closet out back at the end of march and literally only have a below minimal work clothes.

Suffice it to say I bought 2 new suits and am now feeling less stressed and feel like I can take my time and plan some nice work outfits to sew without having to rush. I also have a bit of wedding/ craft sewing to do for Mel's wedding.

I won't say how much I paid for these 2 suits... But I will say they are from Talbot Woman's store. I love the safari inspired look to them and they both had the kind of details that I like. Enough said!

It's Saturday and we are off to the garden center for some more plants and then some sewing time!

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